Ferrino Sportswear

Ferrino Sportswear was founded in 1870, when Cesare Ferrino experimented, in his paint shop, with the first industrial process for producing waxed fabrics. Fiat chose his products for its car hoods and then the Italian army selected Ferrino them for its military tents. Naturally, the features of these fabrics win over mountaineers and explorers and Ferrino becomes synonymous with outdoor sports.

Ferrino products have become a staple in outdoor sportswear and their quality is extremely well known in Italy and Europe. Distributed in approximately 1,200 points of sale in Italy, Ferrino also operates in many foreign markets with export figures that account for 35% of its production. In addition to its private clients, for over 50 years, Ferrino has been supplying tents and accessories to governmental and humanitarian organizations working across the globe. These include the United Nations, Caritas, the Italian civil defense association, and the CNSAS national Alpine rescue organization.

With about 60 employees in Italy and a strong international presence, Ferrino sportswear is a brand poised for growth. Laura Lanteri worked on their expansion strategy in the US, including branding, marketing and web design.